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Judy Lujan

Memorial created 07-7-2008 by
Judy Lujan
Cerridwyn "Kerry" Maire Ursula Brigid Roseanne Lujan
May 17 1989 - May 20 2008

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02-26-2009 10:06 PM -- By: Eda Clarisa J. Quezon,  From: Philippines  

I have been a member of loss of a child yahoo group when i was looking for a solace when I lost a baby.I still grieve up to this day, I applaud your Mom for doing this for you. Remebering and honoring your memories. May you watched over those that loves you.

02-26-2009 3:51 AM -- By: Barb,  From: Queensland, Australia  

Judy, what a loss! What a beautiful young lady. I know in my heart that my Dad (Onondaga tribe NY) and my Mum will be looking after her in the spirit world. My heart goes out to you and the rest of your family. Please embrace the time you had with her, and remember... Kerry would NOT want you to be sad. She would want you to find peace from within in which ever way you can. Please look after yourself.  With Love Barb

02-16-2009 5:28 PM -- By: Lindsay,  From: www.rememberingavi.blogspot.com  

I am so sorry for your loss... Kerry has a beautiful spirit and your love for her really shows in your writing. 

01-21-2009 5:07 PM -- By: Loisangelmomtoallen,  From: OKLA  

Such a lovely daughter. I'm so sorry for you, just knowing this is not the end, gives us hope.

01-17-2009 1:56 AM -- By: Ciera Denton,  From: Boulder  

I love you and Miss u wish things could be different!!!:(

01-14-2009 6:09 PM -- By: Nicole Forrey,  From: South San Francisco, Ca  

My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.  I hope justice prevails for you all.   

She is a gorgeous woman.  

01-05-2009 12:28 PM -- By: Cheska,  From: Michigan  

What a beautiful young lady... So sorry for your terrible loss...

01-04-2009 7:44 PM -- By: Elva ,  From: Albuquerque  

I found your site through iReport on cnn.com. I read through Kerry's story with tears, and am so sorry about your daughter. She was very beautiful and too young.

01-04-2009 3:53 PM -- By: Charlene Smith,  From: St. Charles, MO  

I am so sorry for your loss.  What a beautiful young lady she is.  My heart breaks for you.  You have put together a wonderful story of her short life.  She was also blessed to have you for a mother. 

01-04-2009 3:38 PM -- By: Joshua Harbin,  From: Puyallup, WA  

 I miss you every day Kerry.  Your wit, style and sense of humor was and still is inspirational.  I miss you baby sister.  Please know that wherever you are, you are always in my heart.  

01-03-2009 8:46 PM -- By: Beth Guy,  From: Maine  

 May your lovely memories comfort you.  I am so sorry for your loss, the hardest of them all. Many blessings to you!

01-03-2009 8:11 PM -- By: Cheryl Walsh,  From: Ontario, Canada  

01-01-2009 1:17 AM -- By: Judy Lujan,  From: Albuquerque, NM  

Kerry, it is the last day of the last year of your life.  I miss you so much I can hardly bear it.  Barely a minute goes by in my waking hours that I don't think of you.  I hope that you're having a wonderful New Year in the spirit world with all of your/our ancestors.  I will love you forever baby girl.  Love, Mom

12-31-2008 4:50 PM -- By: carol Stevens ,  From: Wyoming  

Sorry for your lose of your daughter. It is nice that there is a place to remember and celbrate Cerridwyn life.

12-30-2008 8:57 PM -- By: Eli Lujan,  From: Fort Collins, CO  

I miss you so much kid sister.

12-15-2008 11:00 PM -- By: ,  From:  

You have created a beautiful place to honor your lovely daughter.  Thank you so much for sharing her and her story.  Jamie's Mom



12-15-2008 10:56 PM -- By: Karen,  From: New Orleans, La  

12-08-2008 9:16 AM -- By: Debi Baker,  From: Florida  

Judy and Kerry,

I wanted to stop and let you know that I am thinking of you today as I always do. 

Judy, if you ever need to talk my email is debi41863@yahoo.com

forever in my heart

12-02-2008 11:37 AM -- By: Trina,  From: Angels2mom  

What a wonderful Memorial Site you have created for Kerry.  I am sure she would be proud.  I am so sorry that you lost your daughter.  My prayers are with you.

12-02-2008 9:44 AM -- By: Eileen Beaulieu,  From: Los Lunas, NM  

Your daughter was an amazing young lady and she left an amazing legacy of a life truly lived.  My heart goes out to you and your family, I send my energy and thoughts your way.  I hope you can find a way to continue living each day without your wonderful daughter.  Thank you for sharing her life with someone who care.

11-28-2008 11:54 AM -- By: Suzanne Vives,  From: Memphis, TN  

God Bless You.

11-27-2008 2:06 PM -- By: Debi Baker,  From: Florida  

Judy and Kerry

I wanted to wish you both a Blessed Thanksgiving. Keeping you close to my heart as we both have to deal with our first holiday without our loved one.

Forever in my heart


11-20-2008 9:24 AM -- By: Debi Baker,  From: Florida  

Judy, I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful Kerry. 

Thank you for stopping to see Cassandra, it means alot to me especially during the holidays. 

It is hard enough to lose one of our children, but to lose our child at the hands or the wheels of others rips at my heart.  I will forever keep you and Kerry in my heart. 

I would be honored to include your Angel Kerry on Cassandra's Angel friends page.  If you would rather I didn't, just let me know

11-18-2008 5:45 AM -- By: Wendy DarJean,  From: Houston, Tx  

Dear Kerry,

I met your Mom thru an online class, I have a duaghter your age and whose birthday is only a day after yours. She shares your love of math and science and is also a pre-nursing major. I understand how your Mom misses you, keep watch over her. Her loss is emense.

11-16-2008 12:48 PM -- By: Mary O'Gara,  From: Albuquerque, NM  

Judy, I read Kerry's story for the first time when you posted in Greg's workshop.  Thank you for sharing her life and poetry   I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.

11-15-2008 1:15 PM -- By: Rustom C. Chothia,  From: India  

My deepest sympathies, dear Judy,

It is really cruel the way the world has treated you.  Anyway what we cannot cure we must endure, and I pray God gives you the courage to endure this ireparable loss. The only consolation is that that your loved one is in good hands with God and is looking and protecting you from above.

My prayers for the departed soul and you.      Rustom.

11-12-2008 10:56 AM -- By: Mona,  From: Missouri  

11-12-2008 9:17 AM -- By: Cherri Miller,  From: PA  

I am sorry for your loss.  My thoughts and prayrs are with you and your family.

God Bless

11-11-2008 1:07 PM -- By: Norma Studdard,  From: missiouri  

Brigid!! sweetie you are so beautiful God is so lucky to have such a beaatiful Angel beside him and your momma is so lucky to have the years she had with you she miss you so iam lucky to have this time to shared your memories iam sure you have met my son Michael up there he's a wonderful young man like you he love life and love people you send your momma some kind of a sign and let her know you are with her !! thanks Judy for sharing your daughther s memories with us shes beautiful young girl Norma

11-05-2008 5:19 PM -- By: Mary Jane Baker,  From: Bettendorf, Ia  

I am sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I lost my daughter and best friend to Lymphoma, Sept 15, 2008. I am an angel mom too. My daughter loved dance also.


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