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Judy Lujan

Memorial created 07-7-2008 by
Judy Lujan
Cerridwyn "Kerry" Maire Ursula Brigid Roseanne Lujan
May 17 1989 - May 20 2008

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11-02-2008 7:54 PM -- By: Dan,  From: Va  

Kerry is a very beautiful child, who was obviously full of energy.  I'm sure no words can take away the pain...But, always remember the times you did have...and just how special they were.

11-02-2008 2:13 PM -- By: Julie Robinson,  From: Louisiana  


I am so sorry for your loss.  I am sitting here crying for you.  She was a beautiful girl and looks like someone my 17-year old son would have been friends with in high school, since many of his friends are girls 2 years older than he is.  My heart breaks for you.   

I am taking the Celtic HEarts class with you right now.  LIke you, I strongly believe in psychic abilities, especially the link between mother and child.  

If you get a chance, check out Mary Jo McCabe's website.  I recently went to see her here in Baton Rouge.  She served as a "link" to many who were there who had lost loved ones.  

Again, I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter.

Julie L. Robinson


10-28-2008 1:51 PM -- By: Tara Levine,  From: Lafayette, CO  

10-26-2008 8:03 PM -- By: Sarah Bennett,  From: Colorado  

I am so sad for your loss.

10-26-2008 4:37 PM -- By: Willow Jack,  From: Kansas  

Hi everyone, I have known Kerry since she was a twinkle in her mama's eye. I was about 9 years old when she was born. She was a cute little juicy baby.

But, she grew up into a beauty. She was smart, loving, kind and had so many friends. I encourage everyone to stand up for Kerry's life and address the issue of drunk driving and hit and runs. These two issues are less punishable by law than dealing crack. So, please support the efforts of Kerry's family and other families in their battle to achieve justice by making hit and runs more punishable by law.

Finally, honor her life by living in happiness and being grateful for the blessings Kerry's life brought into yours. Everyone touches our hearts for a reason and Kerry was one of those people. We all love her and pray that she help everyone through the hardship of her loss. We know she is watching over us. Just realizing it is the hard part. OOSE

10-24-2008 12:23 PM -- By: Kymberlyn,  From: Ripley, NY  

What a beautiful memorial.  Kerry is a beutiful girl - inside and out.  Although her life was way too short, her memory will last forever.  Thank you for sharing this part of Kerry with us.  Kym

10-13-2008 10:16 AM -- By: Edie Porter,  From: Anderson, IN  

You are a beautiful young lady. I wish your mother peace and happiness in your memory.


10-08-2008 6:20 PM -- By: Cherri,  From: New Oxford,PA  

I am sorry for your loss.  We seem to walk in the same shoes just diffrent stories.  Your daughter is beautiful.

I'll keep u in my prayers.


10-07-2008 12:24 PM -- By: Janet Cusson,  From: Connecticut  

 I am so sorry for your loss. She is a beautiful daughter. I have 2 myself. I also raised 3 boys Ed Richard and Jonathan. I want to thank you for signing my angel Richard"s guest book. Stay in touch.

10-06-2008 1:41 PM -- By: Denise S.,  From: Ohio  

Judy, I am sending you hugs as only one Angel Mom can send to another.  I feel the pain of your loss, but you also have a beautiful Angel in heaven, watching over you.  Thank you for sharing her with us.

10-05-2008 9:53 PM -- By: Mandi Gibson,  From: Angel Moms  

So sad for so much potential to be taken away.  I hope she soars with the Eagles now. 

10-05-2008 7:52 PM -- By: Laurie ~ Jill's Mom,  From: Milan, IL  

Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with me.  I am so very sorry for your loss.  I truly understand your pain as I lost my 20 year old daughter to leukemia.  May you find comfort in knowing Kerry is watching over you from heaven until the day you join her again.  Peace be with you.

10-05-2008 8:52 AM -- By: Julie Allen,  From: Indiana  

Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl.  She had a wonderful heart and I know by this site that you were so proud of her.  God takes the good ones before we want to let them go.  He has a bigger plan in heaven for her.  I understand your loss and I will remember you and your family in my prayers.  God Bless You!

10-05-2008 7:04 AM -- By: Donna,  From: Texas  

I am so sorry for your loss. Your Daughter is so Beautiful. I say is because I believe Angels live on.

To young to be taken so soon.  How could anyone do this? They a not of the human race.

Hugs from Donna Mom to Angel Christopher

10-01-2008 2:22 AM -- By: Chuck,  From: Hawaii  

Aloha Kerry! I hope you continue to watch over all of those who love you and miss you. She is certainly a beautiful girl Judy! I thank you so much for visiting Colton on his birthday. I am sure he was glad to have met you and Kerry. Yesterday was a difficult day to say the least but your visit along with many others helped us alot. It's so important to keep our loved ones memories alive and I thank you for helping my family do so. Goodnight Kerry. Goodnight Judy.

09-24-2008 3:11 AM -- By: Dawn Norman,  From: Spokane Wa  

I am so sorry for your loss,she looks like a beautiful girl,and sounded like one too.I know exactly what you are going through  I lost my Son April of this year, My Son decided to take his dads canoe out on a river not far from us,well it was,nt unusual for him not to come on a fri night so we didnt think anything of it, that is until his girlfriend call ed the next morning asking where he was,she told us about him sneaking the canoe out and he was supposed to meet him later that night.Well my husband rushed down to the river and there he saw the canoe with a huge hole in it then a bit further down they found a life jacket. The authoroties came the divers came the police came ,they tried to find him but the water was so cold it was very mirkey and they had just opened the dam so it was deeper than usual. They never did find him,his 19th birthday came and went,then around the 2nd of July we got a call saying they think he had found him,we could,nt identify him properly because he had been in the water so long. We put him to rest on Jult 7th,and since that day nothing has been the same and I don,t think it ever will,a piece of me wwent with him that day.Ihope you are manageing to cope and I hope you have lots of family and friends around you, God bless you and your family, and your Daughter is looking down on you.

09-24-2008 2:53 AM -- By: Dawn Norman,  From: Spokane Wa  

I am so sorry for your loss, but I know exactly what you are going through.I lost my Son this year also.I don,t know where you are from but my Son Drowned in a river not too far from our house,this happend in April,so for three months we did,nt know if he was alive or dead, some people thought He had gone off  over some stupid charges but I know my Son would not do that to me.To quicken things up my Son was buried on July 7th. He was born June 30th 1989,and died April 23,we have to go by the date he went missing.So far I still can,t cope with this. I hope you can find some comfort from your family and friends,and if you are a spiritual person, I,m sure that everyone is praying for you. God bless you.

09-23-2008 6:51 PM -- By: Darlene DeWitte_Bassett,  From: Mighigan  

Just wanted to send out my sincere condolences. What a beautiful young woman.

It sounds like she was well grounded in her life and her belief's, and that should make the transition easier.



09-17-2008 7:15 PM -- By: Michele Wilson,  From: Bloomington, IN  

Judith: Thank you for sharing this website with me. Wow, what a truly amazing person Kerry was. I really truly believe that some people are so good, so amazing, so pure at heart that they are needed somewhere else that we can't totally understand or fathom here on earth. I never got to meet her, but I feel blessed just getting to learn about how incredibly special and talented such a young woman could be. Thank you for sharing this with me. And I agree you should never have had to go through this. I'm very sorry for your loss. What a lovely tribute you were able to do for her. I hope whoever did this is brought to justice!

09-17-2008 1:53 PM -- By: Celeste,  From: Spokane, Washington  

Your Kerry is such a beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing her with us. I am so so sorry for your loss. *hugs to you and yours* the world definately has lost a wonderful soul. Just know that she is still watching over you and she will continue to do good works.

09-17-2008 1:38 PM -- By: Helene,Krista's Mom4Ever,  From: Pennsylvania  

Dear Judy,  Your Kerry is beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss.

09-14-2008 12:19 PM -- By: Debbie Mathison,  From: Holmen, Wi  


My heart hurts for you..My 22 year old daughter was killed in a jet ride 1 week after her wedding 7 years ago. It doesn't get any easier. I miss her more and more each and every day. Her name is Sarah....

Your daughter is beautiful and will always be young and beautiful....that is what my mother told me when Sarah died.  

This memorial is so precious... Another thing that helped me was a quilt I made Sarah's maid of honor. it had 64 pictures on each side.

God will take care of you. Trust in Him.

09-03-2008 9:41 AM -- By: Diane Lewis,  From: Waterloo, IL.  

Sorry here is my email.

dilewis@htc.net or


Diane Lewis

09-03-2008 9:40 AM -- By: Diane Lewis,  From: Waterloo, IL.  

Judy,   Thank you for visiting my Danielle's vm site. You stated that you wanted to contact me. Above is my email. Please email me maybe we can bring some comfort to each other some how.

I really do feel that your Kerry & my Danielle are really good friends.

Please email me we can talk.

Diane Lewis   mom to Danielle Craft on vm

09-02-2008 1:10 PM -- By: Charlie,  From: Mayo , Maryland  

Hello Judythinking of you and your beautiful angel today and sending love and hugs to you bothLove,Charlie...Uncle to Dorothy Collison


08-25-2008 12:02 PM -- By: Jeannie Patton,  From: Boulder  

Dear Judy,

My heart goes out to you for your terrible loss.  The pain at losing your beautiful daughter must be beyond expression, and I appreciate your effort to contact those  who know you, and therefore have a glimpse at the woman she was.  My heartful sympathy, Jeannie

08-21-2008 5:08 PM -- By: Yolanda Turner,  From: Albuquerque, nm  

Kerry, I never got to meet you but heard about you from your mom.  She loves you very much and you are missed everyday.  A little comfort is that your family has a beautiful angel watching over them. 

I learned of your passing just today.  I want to thank your mom for sharing this tribute with me.  Your love for life shines through in your eyes and beauty.  You are only a short time ahead of us.  We will all be together one day.   Until then, know I will treasure your mom's friendship and help her in any way I can.



08-14-2008 12:50 PM -- By: Sonya ,  From: East Coast  

I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I read through all the pages and my heart aches for you and your lovely family. I hope you find justice and peace through the storm.

08-14-2008 12:44 AM -- By: Erin Collins,  From: Texas  


I weep for your loss. She was a beautiful girl. I hope justice is served on her behalf, and on behalf of your family.

Know that you are all in my prayers.

May the Lord comfort you in the days to come.



Erin Collins

08-11-2008 1:40 PM -- By: Sue Goodwin,  From: New Mexico Citizen Schools  

A wonderful tribute to an outstanding young woman. May her spirit run free.


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