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February 21 1973 - May 2 1995

This online memorial was created in loving memory of GLEN VAN DER WALT, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign GLEN's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember GLEN forever. I am Helen and i live in Cape Town, South Africa. I have lost both my precious sons to suicide. I have no more children just a step son Scott who is married to Tanya. My first husband (Peter) died when he was 34 and i was only 30. Peter was 10 and Glen just 5. I believe they never got over the loss of their father and ultimately this was the cause of both suicides. They never suffered from depression and even if i say so myself, were two of the most beautiful boys you could find, inside and out. Peter - being my first-born was very close to me and we had an exceptional relationship. He was gay but that never hindered our relationship. I loved and accepted him so unconditionally and I know that he worshipped the ground i walked on. Glen was my baby and was 5 years younger than Peter. I always tried to keep Glen my baby and protect him from the cruel, ugly world - when he was 2 he told me he loved me so much he wanted to climb back into my tummy! Four years after their father died i met Graeme, the man who has been my husband for 21 years. We lived together at first but he never interfered with the upbringing of my children. Peter left home when he was 18 and went to live in Johannesburg which was about 800 kms from Pietermaritzburg where we were living. He got on with his life and never gave me a day's problem. Glen however struggled to get work and after losing a job had to stay home a few months trying to get employment. He had no extra training or university education after he matriculated (or as you say graduated). To cut a long story short, Graeme one day decided he had had enough and told Glen to leave home and go and find work. Glen had to leave and went down to Durban (about 100 kms away). It broke my heart and i will never, ever forget that day when i said good-bye to him. Peter's birthday is April 15th - it was the Easter w/end and he came to visit. Glen phoned home to wish Peter for his birthday - Peter was very angry with Glen because he had made such a mess of his life and was very rude to Glen on the phone even though Glen just wanted to wish him happy birthday! Little did we know that day that it was the last time Glen spoke to his brother. Just after that Graeme was transferred to Cape Town where we live now. CT is nearly 1500 kms away from Durban and i think this was the final straw for Glen when i told him we were moving. On Tuesday, May 2nd, 1995 i got a phone call from the hospital that they were keeping my child on life support and i needed to get there to sign papers to save his organs to donate. Glen had shot himself in the side of the head the bullet went in just to the side of his right eye and came out the other side of his head. The longest ride of my life to sign those papers and kiss my child good-bye - My world fell apart I remember thinking that whilst there was life there was hope little did I know that he was brain dead and they were just waiting for me to sign the papers. Peter came home immediately and he identified Glen at the morgue. Three weeks after i buried my child i had to move to Cape Town.


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